• Catalysis:
    The catalysis 2019 summit would be platform for discussing on the catalysis and an indispensable source of information for chemists and chemical engineers in both industrial and academic fields. Abstracts are invited on the topics like heterogeneous catalysis and homogeneous catalysis, catalytic function to fundamental chemical processes at surfaces and in metal complexes, novel concepts in surface chemistry, the synthesis and catalytic function of novel inorganic solids and complexes, spectroscopic methods for structural characterization, and theoretical methods of direct interest and impact in the science and applications of catalysts and catalytic processes.

  • Bio-catalysis and Biotransformation:
    This catalysis 2019 meeting would be discussing on the application of biological catalysts for the synthesis, interconversion or degradation of chemical species. Abstracts are invited on Mechanistic principles, Kinetics and thermodynamics of bio-catalytic processes, chemical or genetic modification of biocatalysts, developments in biocatalyst's immobilization, activity and stability of biocatalysts in non-aqueous and multi-phasic environments, including the design of large scale bio-catalytic processes, biomimetic systems, environmental applications of bio-catalysis and  metabolic engineering.

  • Catalysis in science and technology:
    Catalysis 2019 gathers the scientists in cutting-edge developments across the catalysis science community. The catalysis congress 2019 would have experts in heterogeneous, homogeneous, organocatalysis and biocatalysis. 

  • Chemical Engineering:
    The Catalysis 2019 summit will be discussing on broad topics that include thermophysical properties obtained from quantum chemistry, molecular simulation, and molecular mechanics calculations and experimental techniques. Abstracts are invited on the various topics such as biochemical engineering, materials synthesis and processing, particle technology, process systems engineering, reaction engineering and catalysis, separation processes, thermodynamics and soft matter, and transport phenomena including fluid mechanics.

  • Green Chemistry
    Catalysis 2019 event will be with key note talks on factors that reduce the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing a technology base that is inherently non-toxic to living things and the environment. The conference would be covering on the topics such as the application of innovative technology to establish industrial procedures, the development of environmentally improved routes, synthetic methods and processes to important products, the design of new, greener and safer chemicals and materials, the use of sustainable resources, the use of biotechnology alternatives to chemistry-based solutions, methodologies and tools for measuring environmental impact and application to real world examples, chemical aspects of renewable energy.

  • Polymer Engineering:
    The catalysis 2019 symposium will discuss about the basic and applied research on recent technological developments in polymer engineering such as polymer physics, polymer processing and engineering of polymer-based materials and their applications. Abstracts are invited on the below topics cutting-edge topics such as Polymer physics, Polymer processing, Functional polymers, Engineering of polymer composites, nanocomposites and blends, Biopolymer engineering, Engineering of polymer-based materials for electrical, piezoelectrical and optical applications, Polymers and renewable energies, Environmental polymer engineering, Automotive and aerospace, Nanotechnology, Photonics and optoelectronics.

  • Industrial catalysis:
    The conference would be discussing on the various topics like heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, relationship between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, industrial catalysts, nano-catalysts, biocatalysts, enzyme catalysis, electro-catalysts, organo-catalysis, photo-catalysis, phase transfer catalysis, acid and base catalysis, catalysis-related chemical kinetics, theoretical studies on the structure and reactivity of catalysts. 

  • Applied Catalysis and Chemical Engineering:
    Catalysis 2019 meeting will overview on all aspects of catalysis of basic and practical interest to chemical scientists in both industrial and academic fields, with an emphasis onnew understanding of catalysts and catalytic reactions, new catalytic materials, new techniques, and new processes, especially those that have potential practical implications.

  • Kinetics and Catalysis:
    The catalysis 2019 event will be discussing on the various topics like theoretical and experimental works on homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetics and catalysis.  Abstracts are invited on the mechanism and kinetics of noncatalytic processes in gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, quantum chemical calculations in kinetics and catalysis, methods of studying catalytic processes and catalysts, the chemistry of catalysts and adsorbent surfaces, the structure and physicochemical properties of catalysts, preparation and poisoning of catalysts, macrokinetics, and computer simulations in catalysis. 

  • Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 
    The Catalysis 2019 meeting will address challenges of sustainability in the chemical enterprise and advance principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Abstracts are invited on the topics such as Green Chemistry, Green Manufacturing and Engineering, Biomass or Wastes as Resources, Alternative Energy, Life-Cycle Assessment. 

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